Monday, September 19, 2011

Belle & Sebastian - Another Sunny Day (a misshapedmixtape)

It’s September. It’s 70 degrees out. Baseball playoffs are coming soon. I’m about to head to the dog beach. I’m feeling pretty happy that “Mad Men” won the Emmy for best drama yet again. In short, in my universe it feels like perfect Belle & Sebastian weather.

I’ve had a soft-spot for B&S for a long time. They are simply oh-so-good. Every time a song of theirs pops up as part of a movie soundtrack, I get chills. And goodness me, they have such a killer catalog of songs. Unless you never pretended to not be a hipster, you probably love Belle & Sebastian as well. Damn hipsters.

But, if I’m perfectly honest, they only have one album that I completely love (“If You’re Feeling Sinister”). The other ones just don’t quite work as ALBUMS for me. But that’s just me. Please convince me of my wrongness and drop a comment. I would like being proven wrong. But I’m wrong about as often as Shanna Zolman misses a free throw (which was 4.3% of the time during her record-setting season at Tennessee).  

So here’s a collection of my personal favorites from the Glasgow chamber-pop dang-it’s-hot rockers. To be honest, I haven’t checked out their latest stuff... so this just spans their big six of albums between 1996-2006.

Here’s the tracklist for "Belle & Sebastian - Another Sunny Day (a misshapedmixtape)" [download link in "comments"]:

01 : Women's Realm [Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like A Peasant]
02 : She's Losing It [Tigermilk]
03 : Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying [If You're Feeling Sinister]
04 : If You're Feeling Sinister [If You're Feeling Sinister]
05 : I Fought In A War [Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like A Peasant]
06 : Lord Anthony [Dear Catastrophe Waitress]
07 : Expectations [Tigermilk]
08 : Dress Up In You [The Life Pursuit]
09 : The Stars Of Track And Field [If You're Feeling Sinister]
10 : Sleep The Clock Around [The Boy With The Arab Strap]
11 : Don't Leave The Light On Baby [Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk...]
12 : The State I Am In [Tigermilk]
13 : Like Dylan In The Movies [If You're Feeling Sinister]
14 : It Could Have Been A Brilliant Career [The Boy With The Arab Strap]
15 : You're Just A Baby [Tigermilk]
16 : Another Sunny Day [The Life Pursuit]
17 : Piazza, New York Catcher [Dear Catastrophe Waitress]
18 : The Chalet Lines [Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like A Peasant]
19 : The Fox In The Snow [If You're Feeling Sinister]
20 : Is It Wicked Not To Care? [The Boy With The Arab Strap]

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