Monday, August 22, 2011

Stephen Malkmus - Fractions & Feelings (a misshapedmixtape)

I love Stephen Malkmus.

So yeah, since he is dropping a new album tomorrow (Beck produced it!), I figured that it would be proper to bestow some Malk-magic upon ya'll.

Now I'm the first to admit that Malkman's solo career has had its ups and downs. But unlike other Pavement-heads who stopped listening to his music post-"Wowee Zowee" (coz Pavement stopped being "a band" after that -- [interjection] for the record, I absolutely LOVE "Brighten The Corners"... and will bite anyone's elbow who says that it's lame), I have actually been keeping up with the S&M's 21st century.

And actually, it's been pretty dope.

This mixtape is representative of S'malkmus's four solo abums BEFORE the album that drops tomorrow (that everyone should just up and buy ASAP). If you're not convinced, I think that if you give this tape a few spins you WILL want to buy it :)

I've run out of cool nicknames for the former leading man of Pavement (and it's, what, 3:43 A.M.!), so I'll stop my rambling now.

Here's the tape (link in "comments"):

01 : Pencil Rot [Face The Truth]
02 : Jo Jo's Jacket [Stephen Malkmus]
03 : Gardenia [Real Emotional Trash]
04 : Craw Song [Pig Lib]
05 : Malediction [Face The Truth]
06 : Phantasies [Stephen Malkmus]
07 : We Can't Help You [Real Emotional Trash]
08 : Baby C'mon [Face The Truth]
09 : Animal Midnight [Pig Lib]
10 : Kindling For The Master [Face The Truth]
11 : Out Of Reaches [Real Emotional Trash]
12 : Ramp Of Death [Pig Lib]
13 : Freeze The Saints [Face The Truth]
14 : Church On White [Stephen Malkmus]
15 : Fractions And Feelings [Pig Lib EP]
16 : Loud Cloud Crowd [Face The Truth]
17 : Baltimore [Real Emotional Trash]
18 : It Kills [Face The Truth]
19 : Sheets [Pig Lib]
20 : Wicked Wanda [Real Emotional Trash]
21 : Black Book [Stephen Malkmus]



  2. Loving the blog.

    A very complete mix but no No More Shoes?